The Best Sandwich Ever!- 5 Best Sandwich shops in America

The patty, the spices, or the bread; they all stand out in a good sandwich. But the coming together of these uniquely important ingredients is what makes; The Best Sandwich.

Let us take a short trip into the yesteryear, on a journey where these herodients (heroes of an ingredient) joined hands and created some memorable masterpieces.


And the winner ‘was’: The Classic Lox Sandwich

Philly Style Bagels, Philadelphia

Bagel is a super-star in the sandwich world. And when you top it up with stuffs like bacon, humus, tuna, tomato and lettuce; magic happens. This is exactly what Jonathon Zilber and Collin Shapiro have been doing. Their bagels are not just creating a buzz; they are creating a noise loud enough to be heard in New York.

Now what they do is ferment the dough in small batches, roll it with their hands, boil it the the local Yards beer (that’s where it gets its local Philly touch), and then they bake it on wooden planks. 

When they come out of the oven; you get a small, dense, and chewy bagel that’s a treat to your taste buds and all your senses.



Nana’s Meatloaf Sandwich

Mekelburg’s, NYC

Nana’s Meatload Sandwich will simply “blow your mind,” they say. The meat is light, and the bread is great; and the fresh ricotta and the red gravy beats like the heart of the sandwich. And then the diced onions and the green seasonings gives it that final touch. It’s a flavor-bomb waiting to explode in your mouth.

You can treat yourself to this wonder at Mekelburgs, NYC. It’s a garden-level space like very few other; the ambience is great, people are friendly, the beer keeps flowing and the place makes you wanna come again… and again.

best sandwich


Cheesesteak Sandwich

Boeufhaus, Chicago

Chefs Jamie Finnegan and Brian Ahern discreetly opened Boeufhaus back in April, 2015. Boeuf is French for beef while Haus is German for house; so the whole Boeufhaus experience centers around meat.

Evenings and Boeufhaus and a dimly lit atmosphere: they are ideal for dinner. But there’s a problem; they don’t serve sandwiches for dinner. Sandwiches are served only between 11 a.m. and 3:30 p.m. and this is when you find the Cheesesteak Sandwich (their crowd puller).

Shaved Ribeye, D’amato’s roll, charred onion; they all go into this $12 Cheesesteak that is at the center of all the attentions.

best sandwich ever


Pastrami Sandwich

Whitfield, Pittsburgh

The Ace Hotel houses this restaurant that offers some of the best sandwiches in The ’Burgh. Whitfield is a fusion of Italian, Polish, German, East European, and Pennsylvania’s own culinary traditions.

And the Pastrami Sandwich is the superstar in their menu. Found only during brunch and lunch hours; the Pastrami is a pile of house-cut (and smoked) brisket from where oozes an almost endless flow of the malt-vinegar slaw that’s just about enough to bring the aww… in your face.



Cabrito Kebab Sandwich

Rapscallion, Dallas

Rapscallion is Chef Bradley Andersons, Brooks Anderson and Nathan Tate’s second venture after their immense success with Boulevardier. It’s a 2300 square foot space serving an ensemble of delicately crafted sandwiches and other delicacies. 

Cabrito Kebab is the feather in their cap. The Cabrito Kebab subtly occupies a spot between a gyro and a taco. It’s a flatbread thing that has a pile of roasted pistachios, pickled watermelon skin, and Aleppo yogurt. Eat at your own risk cuz it’s a messy affair.