Mysubway Survey –

What if you could eat a Sub and talk to it at the same time? Well; not literally, but may be with the folks over at Subway. May be you wanna tell them how much you miss an old favorite of yours; or tell them what you liked and didn’t like on your recent visit; or how much more you would visit Subway if they ran seasonal promotions. Wouldn’t that be great?

Your wish may have just been fulfilled; say hello to Tell Subway. All you gotta do is have your Subway receipt handy and visit the link

Mysubway Survey

Tell Subway? What’s That?

There are 40,000 Subway Restaurants in 102 countries making Subway the biggest chain of sandwich shops in the world. And they want to know how they are doing straight from their customers, so they devised a way through which they could interact with their customers directly and called it “Tell Subway.”

It’s an online feedback open to all customers where they will be asked for the store number and a few personal details. This will be followed by a questionnaire that will cover, more or less of, everything related to your Subway experience. The questionnaire is very simple and well guided, so there shouldn’t be a problem understating it.


How to do Mysubway Survey

For starters, you must have a recently purchased Subway receipt. Follow these steps, then on:

  • Visit
  • Enter the Subway store number that’s there on your receipt
  • Fill in the provided questionnaire (answer carefully; it’s your feedback)
  • Provide a valid email address (this is where your coupons will be sent)
  • Click Submit.


What Subway Are Trying to Do

It is good to see the restaurant industry taking initiatives to provide a platform where customers can express their likes, dislikes, and suggestions about one (or many) food joints they visit.

For long, there has been a major gap between restaurants and their customers where they could not communicate ideas and concerns. But this initiative demonstrates the commitment shown by Subway – as one America’s favorite food brand – to introduce a perpetual process of improvement and innovation.

So be a part of the change-game; visit and let them know how you feel; there’re free cookies to be won in the process. And free stuffs are always welcome, aren’t they?


Fun Facts about Subway

(courtesy The Huffington Post)

  • Subway serves around 5,300 sandwiches every 60 seconds, that’s like 318,000 sandwiches served every hour.
  • Subway uses 16 acres of lettuce everyday.
  • Subway, in Mandarin, means “taste better than others.”

For more information; please visit Tell Subway Survey & Tell Subway Survey FAQ.