Mysubwaycard Registration- Login

You can take your MySubwayCard to any Subway outlets in the United States or Canada and buy anything with it. It’s an electronic gift card that you can load with cash and use it at a Subway; thereby, doing away with the need for carrying cash around. And when you run out of balance on your card; simply reload, as many times as you want.

And that’s not it, MySubwayCard also comes with a myriad of offers with which you can save yourself some dollars.


MySubwayCard: Features

  • There are various offers up for grabs.
  • You can reload your MySubwayCard in increments of $5 and $50 up to a limit of $500.
  • There are no fees associated with this card and as long as there’s balance in your card; there is no expiration date.
  • It makes a great gift for your family, or friends, or even your staffs (if you’re the boss).
  • The first time you register for this card, you will be gifted with a $50 points.


Creating a MySubwayCard Account

Follow these simple steps to register for your MySubwayCard:

  1. Visit the MySubwayCard website and buy a card. You could also buy the card from a Subway restaurant directly.
  1. Click on the Subway Card Menu at the top of the screen.
  1. Select Register a Card. You also find other options like Manage Your Card or Buy a Card, etc. But you need to select Register a Card.
  1. Provide all the required information. Most of it will be personal; such as name, email, password, mobile number, address, gender, birthday, etc. While the rest will be card related; like the card number and it’s pin number.
  1. Provide a security question and the answer. This comes in handy when you need to reset your password.
  1. Click Submit.

You also have the option of reporting your card lost/stolen and get a replacement.


Logging in to MySubwayCard

  1. Visit the MySubwayCard Homepage and click My Cards.
  2. Enter your Username and Password
  3. Click Submit.

In the event you forget your password, you could simply click Forgot Password on the login page itself and recover the password.

Benefits of Registering Your Subway Card


Benefits of Registering Your Subway Card

As of June 2015, Subway started offering online registration to its customers. So once you are registered and logged in to your Subway account; you can add funds to your card, update personal information, order online, etc. etc.

In September of the same year, Subway also started giving away 50 bonus points for all those who register their MySubwayCard online. And they can redeem against the purchase of a 6-inch Sub.

You earn points for every dollar you spend at Subway with this card. And when you’ve earned sufficient amount of points, you can use to buy something at Subway itself. Details given below.

10 points = one cookie.

15 points = chips (single serve size).

20 points = one fountain drink.

30 points = coffee or bottled drink.

35 points = breakfast sandwich.

50 points = regular 6-inch sandwich.

75 points = regular or breakfast Footlong.

100 points = premium flatbread or Footlong.

You normally earn one point for every dollar you spend through your MySubwayCard and you can check your earnings online or by swiping your card at the cash register. Also, you can see how much points you’ve earned on your receipt.


Mysubwaycard Rewards Balance Overview

Subway runs a rewards program where you can earn a point for every dollar you spend, e.g. if you buy a long sub that costs $6; you also get 6 points credited to your account. You can keep on piling these points and redeem it as and when you feel like.

You will be given a Subway Gift Card that comes pre-loaded with 50 points. This point will be unlocked once you register your card and you need not pay anything for it. Since there’s no expiration date on the card, you can use it as long as it has balance and/or points.

Note: Remind the cashier to add the points to your card because if you don’t, chances are; he won’t.

If there’s a technical error and the cashier over at Subway is unable to load the points to your card; you should ask for a form, fill it out, and mail it to the address mentioned in the form along with your receipt. Once Subways receives your mail, they will manually add those points to your account. You can check the status by logging in to your online Subway account.

There are two ways for you to check your Subway points balance:

  1. Ask the cashier at the counter.
  2. Check it online at

The minimum amount of points you can redeem every time is 10. There might even be instances where you can buy all your meal without paying a single dollar; because you had accumulated so many points in your account. In addition to this, Subway has also included free stuffs like chips, salads, coffees, soda pops, etc. Subway puts in a lot of effort to make sure that you have a great time at their restaurants.